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Already from the start of the season we promise you cheerful moments full of activities when Tenavatohinat event and Viikinsaari Go aimed at schools and kindergardens kick the season off.

Cozy Viikinsaari is open for everyone and you can enjoy a lovely summer day there on your own as well. 

Trip to nature on Viikinsaari nature trail is relaxing and lovely way to see how the nature starts to bloom after the winter. The island also has a playground, football & volleyball fields and a barbeque place with a roof. Restaurant Viikinsaari offers lunch and snacks to groups by pre-order.



For a bit older children (4th - 9th graders) we present Viikinsaari Go -island adventure, which takes place with teams of 4-8 persons.


To do well in the adventure, the teams need to have good team spirit, play well together and  have problem solving skills.


Aimed at kindergardens, children's clubs and school groups (1st - 3rd graders) Tenavatohinat events gives a children a chance to try new tricks in sporty activity spots.


Activity spots are e.g. balance track,  forward roll training and turbo javelin throw!


Meals for school groups!

From Restaurant Viikinsaari, it is possible to pre-order meals for school groups.

Ask for more information:

010 422 5600

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