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Viikinsaari swim-around is the oldest open water swimming event in Finland.  The swimmers swim around Viikinsaari island in Lake Pyhäjärvi, 20-min boat ride away of Tampere city center. The swim route is about 2100 m long.

The swimming event was first organized in 1919 and in 2019 the event takes place 82nd time.  Take a boat from Laukontori harbour to reach the event. The swimming route around the island is about 2100 m. The lakeside sauna is reserved for changing clothes and for storing personal items. After the swim, the public sauna is warm for relaxing.  You can swim around the island by competing against the clock or by more relaxed way when you admire the lake scenery. We also need supporters for the swimmers!

Previously, we've had about 100 swimmers taking part in the event. The temperature of the water has been warm, between 18-20 degrees. You can participate also with swim flippers and wet suit. The results are published separately for wet suit swimmers. 




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